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In D Grey is a manpower and staffing agency in Singapore that specializes in the M.I.C.E and event industry. At In D Grey, we help alleviate the frustrations of our clients and enable them to make better use of their time by customizing our services to cater to their requirements.
We strive to invigorate both, the event and delegate experiences: with a team of trained, dedicated, and dynamic crew to oversee projects from end to end, we work closely with many event agencies and other clients from the planning phase, right up to the event execution on show-day. We source, coordinate and plan according to their needs, placing a heavy emphasis on our crew’s relevant experiences, attitudes, and aptitudes.
At In D Grey, we believe that no two requests are the same, and work hand in hand with every one of our clients to optimize their budgets according to their needs. Looking for a staffing agency in Singapore? Look no further!

Part-time and temporary hiring has never been easier! If you don't see what you need on the list below, drop us a note and we will make it happen for you...

Event Support

Registration crew ∙ Ushers ∙ Scanners ∙ Room assistants ∙ Microphone runners ∙ Badge checkers ∙ Surveyors ∙ Hostesses ∙ Sponsorship crew ∙ VIP management ∙ Flyer distributors ∙ Packers ∙ Setup & tear-down crew ∙ Entertainment managers ∙ Floor managers ∙ Supervisors Supervisors. Looking to hire part-time Manpower Singapore? You have found the right manpower agency Singapore that is reliable, fast and efficient! Say bye to sleepless nights of worrying if your temporary manpower will turn up for work, be punctual, or if they will do a good job!
Being one of the leading Event Agency Singapore our aim is to redefine your experience when it comes to finding an ideal Staffing Agency Singapore for manpower and talent sourcing that delivers kickass results.
Check out our event manpower Singapore, coordinators, casuals, surveyors, registration temps, ushers, packers, temperature scanners, admin assistants, talents, mascots, promoters, models and more!
In D Grey is the best part time recruitment agency Singapore that provides high quality part time staffing services Singapore, to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the temps provided, regardless of scale. We are thus hailed as the leading manpower agency in Singapore with an impeccable reputation to both, our clients and part-timers.
We specialise to serve local and international event agencies and show organizers, being a trusted partner and the number one go-to agency for event staffing services Singapore. We are the number one event recruitment agency Singapore where event organisers hire temporary staffing Singapore. These event organisers can expect to hire temporary staffing Singapore who are highly skilled through our team. Apart from supplying part-time manpower for events, we also cater for non-events temporary positions such as surveyors, retail assistants, temperature scanners, telemarketers, flyer distributors, and packers.
However, we are very much different from a conventional manpower agency in Singapore, with factors such as reliability and quality setting us apart from the competition. We play a vital role in the execution process to ensure that our part-timers fulfill the 3Ps – punctuality, presence, and performance. We believe in building a relationship with our clients and part-timers so that we can better understand their requirements and needs on a more intimate level. This helps our clients and part-timers to open up to us so that they can immediately inform us whenever they face any issues at work that we can immediately rectify.
To the general public, there is a common misconception when viewing part-timers and the contribution they make to the organisation. At In D Grey, we believe that they make up half, if not more, of what it takes for the forefront success of a business. Thus, before we hire part-timers in Singapore, we conduct face-to-face interviews to know our part-timers better in terms of communication, organisational, and leadership skills to name a few, because we place a huge emphasis on the quality of our part-timers. This ensures that we get to assess everyone and know them better before assigning them a suitable role or job. We also believe in open opportunities for everyone regardless of their qualifications or experiences, hence there is always a suitable job for anyone who is willing and hardworking enough to put their heart and mind into the job.
Contact us today to start working with our dedicated event manpower singapore team that comprises event coordinators, casuals, surveyors, registration temps, ushers, packers, temperature scanners, admin assistants, talents, mascots, promoters, models and more!

Talent & Models

  • Mascots
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Product & brand launches
  • Traffic stopping
  • Sampling
  • Greet & mingle
  • Exhibition & trade shows
  • Photoshoots

Temporary Staffing

  • Event executives
  • Call centre agents
  • Cruise & airport services
  • Warehouse & delivery assistants
  • Market/ field research officers
  • Customer service officers
  • Help desk agents
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Temperature Scanners
  • Roadshow Support


  • Conversational translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Interpretation


Various languages available

On-site management

For those who have, and prefer to use your own group of people whom you are familiar with, we can come in to help plan & manage your manpower onsite. We will also take care of the administrative work that comes along with it!


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